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74. Dr Kirstey Holland & The most helpful perimenopause podcast ever

May 20, 2023 Ann Marie McQueen Episode 74
The Hotflash inc podcast
74. Dr Kirstey Holland & The most helpful perimenopause podcast ever
Show Notes

It's a broad claim, but if I’m more clear on what is going on now that I’ve done it, I can guarantee you will be if you listen.  

Dr Kirstey Holland is a Melbourne, Australia-based doctor of Traditional Chinese Medicine who holds a double degree in acupuncture and herbal medicine. She is a practitioner of environmental and nutritional medicine, functional medicine and naturopathy. 

Her approach to perimenopause is grounded in ancient wisdom, and is personalized for every woman to suit our own unique needs – because we are all different. 

And she caught my eye on Instagram because not only is she calm, knowledgeable and relatable, she appears to know more about the totality of perimenopause than most of the other doctors on social media. 

In this podcast, Dr Holland gets at the heart of what is going on with women struggling through this transition with one of the best explanations of what’s happening internally – and how that plays out in our external world – that I’ve ever heard. She explains how this process intersects with the body’s own detoxification process and how we can step up to help, easing our symptoms, reducing inflammation and exposure to future diseases in the process. When you listen to Dr Holland, it becomes clear that in order to experience vitality during this time of transition, it’s essential that we focus on nourishing our brain, gut, adrenals and thyroid. She also talks about everything you need to consider if you are considering hormone therapy, which she is not only taking, but is skilled at prescribing in a tailored and holistic manner. 


  • The intersection of trauma and perimenopause
  • What is actually happening in our bodies – and how that plays out in our lives
  • Why cleaning up what we consume is so important at this juncture
  • Why we need to be careful about alcohol
  • The vital role of gut health
  • Why and how she tests people in perimenopause 
  • The essential role of our detox pathways
  • Why we need to “restump the house”
  • Why do so many doctors seem to have orthorexia?
  • Her magic, super-simple nutritional formula
  • Why we need to remind ourselves of hunter-gatherers
  • How she found her voice

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IG: @thehollandclinic

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